Rolling Linky

Willa rolls on to her front. Then she gets stuck. It is like a metaphor for all of human endeavour.
Also, man oh man this week has been busy. Tired now. But linky shall happen:

Trailer for the newWgtn webseries Urban Numina, which releases its first ep this weekend:

Inevitable Star Wars link: overthinking it on the economics of the Death Star. (Alternatively, this.)

Inevitable Doctor Who link: amazingly obsessive/devoted site tracking the fates of the individual Dalek props used in Doctor Who.

Just when I think I know all the geeky stuff about the Alien movies, something comes along that expands the horizons further than I could have imagined. The Alien theme music, disco remix.

Via John Fouhy: “my favourite varieties of ant” (so interesting!)

Via Steve Hickey: Ten things screenwriters can learn from Aliens. Even though it gets some stuff massively wrong (e.g. Ripley’s motivation to go back to the planet), this is a nice reminder of how amazingly well-crafted this film is.

Amazing stunts and tricks and stuff (via Matt B):

Can we date? (via d3vo)

Last year in his new TV show, Scooby-Doo fought Cthulhu and met Harlan Ellison. Well then.

Oh yeah this: nerdcorey tribute to D&D: 20-sided rhymes (thanks Hamish!)

Music preferences by gender using data

Guy embarks on 3-year project to read the great works of Western literature, blogging as he goes.

Some great photos of cosplay. No, really, these are worth a look.

Animals with stuffed animals

Gay girl in Damascus writes of how her father stood up to the internal police. Wow. I hope everyone I met over there is doing okay.

Many many illustrators deliver versions of the Eowyn vs Witch King moment in Lord of the Rings. So good!

Understanding science is about ideas, not definitions!

And finally… authors are insulting

4 thoughts on “Rolling Linky”

  1. You Sir (and that Dalek site) have just killed my productivity for the afternoon.

  2. James Cameron actually wrote three first-rate scripts at once in the ’80s: Aliens, The Terminator, and (believe it or not) Rambo: First Blood Part 2.

    Unfortunately Sylvester Stallone heavily rewrote the last one before the movie was actually made. You can find Cameron’s original script online, and it’s essential reading for fans of the other two.

  3. “For god’s sake. Someone please have sex with the dungeon master!”

  4. Aliens linky currently broken – Blogger states on their blog that the internet swallowed it or words to that effect. You get a “Page not found in blog” error, but if you just click ont he bloggers name you will get to the Aliens post.

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