Lost Document Linky

Was looking forward to settling in and doing a nice solid linky but I lost a doc I’d spent hours on and need to recreate it urgently. So very minimal linky only. Sorry folks.

Yeah I know, I don’t know how I lost it either. Apparently I hadn’t clicked “Save” once in all that time. I thought I’d learned good habits there long ago. Ah well.

Ryan Pequin’s Three Word Phrase updates very irregularly, but it makes me happy every time. He has odd rhythms that come through strongly in panel and dialogue pacing, and they are funny rhythms. I recommend you read through a bunch, see if you get sucked in. (Warning: occasional instances of sex, but they’re all done with this innocent observational style so they don’t feel anything like dirty jokes. Still, if you have prudish workplace, don’t look.)

The nine best Sesame Street special guest appearances. I’ve already linked to many of these in the last few years. A few in here I hadn’t seen though. I won’t spoil the surprise. Needless to say, it’s all worth your time.

You saw this Oxford Comma cartoon, right? The one with the strippers?

Video from inside our brains. A genuine Keanu-Whoa moment.

And finally, from 1975, Helen Mirren takes on and takes down sexist Michael Parkinson. Haven’t watched this yet but it’s one of those things you hear about. Presumably it lives up to the legend!

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