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Fascinating to see the reaction to Steve Jobs’ death. Mainstream coverage predictably hagiographical, but there’s a lot of nuance elsewhere. I’ve appreciated these bits by Joel Pitt, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Russell Brown.

The FedEx logo, and the arrow hidden inside it. Very interesting about the process of logo design.

Two contributions from D3vo that he describes as very worthwhile (I haven’t had a chance to look at either of them yet):
1. Vanity Fair article on california, the recession, US politics etc
2. TED talk – Niall Ferguson, the 6 killer apps of prosperity

Another great series of essays by Andrew Rilstone, this time analyzing contemporary (UK) political talk through the lens of bad puns. Part one is here; the rest follow along. Very relevant here in NZ with the electoral cycle rolling closer.

Presume you’ve already seen that vid of the kid experiencing the single greatest plot twist in movie history? (Yep this counts as this week’s Star Wars content.)

17-second vid: Arrested Development cast all do chicken dance after announcing return of show.

Stop-motion ninja fight. Perfectly done.

Ninja from Olivier Trudeau on Vimeo.

Most popular infographics (I lol’d)

Huh – there’s a trademark war going on over Keep Calm and Carry On.

Illustrations from 130 years of the Brothers Grimm

And finally, oh man this is such a great photo collection – Canadian horror house takes snapshots of patrons as they encounter the final big scare.

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  1. FedEx arrow passed me by for years (as I suspect it has for quite a few) until I had it pointed out to me at a local Designers Guild presentation (which I, ah, sneaked into by wearing a black skivvy). I dig negaitve space, so thought it was very cool!

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