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The scariest thing about NZ’s current oilspill is that it’s so incredibly minor compared to other events elsewhere.

Anyway, let these linky drift towards your mental beach and collect on the pristine sand of your thought processes:

The Thing musical. SPOILERS for the 1982 movie and, let’s face it, for the 2011 movie too. (Thanks to Mr David Ritchie of Hamiltron for this one.)

Jenni and Pearce sent me this direct, and I’ve seen it elsewhere as well. If you haven’t seen it you’re obviously following the wrong Twitterbooks. Dr Seuss does Call of Cthulhu

The conceptual ecology of Tumblr is fascinating to me. Image mixing is so incredibly simple in the mature digital era; it wasn’t so long ago that images were expensive in every sense of the word. Now images are about as cheap as words. Big change, and in manifests in thousands of Tumblrs that are basically ironic jokes about celebrities, and also bits of genius like this: My Daguerrotype Boyfriend, or this collection of 8-bit computer games that don’t exist

Team-ups I did not expect: Baba Brinkman (of the rap guide to human nature) and Prof Elemental (of the ubiquitous Cup of Brown Joy). In a promo for MacMillan Dictionaries. Via Matt Cowens

Fairly mindblowing tech demo on adding things to photos. The best thing about this is the stuff they choose to put in the photos. Someone has great taste in statues.

Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs from Kevin Karsch on Vimeo.

This has been lurking in my bookmarks for ages: a 157-song mix of 2010 music, for download from Fluxblog

Chicks like consonant music

Games Workshop wargame army consisting of characters from Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

Neat survey of what NZers are thinking (by my colleague Marc Wilson)

David Brin owns on the subject of distinguishing climate change skepticism from climate change denial.

I bookmarked this a month ago and since then it has been everywhere because it is AMAAAAZING. So if you haven’t seen it already, NOW IS THE TIME. It is: Women of the Future (as predicted in 1902)

And finally… how to open a door

(via Dangerous Minds, again again)

3 thoughts on “Oily Linky”

  1. hey, right then.

    Thing Musical thing – brilliant! LOLed.
    Seuss Cthulhu – nice find, in the same week a ‘new’ book is found/announced by Geisel’s estate!
    GW goes Monty Python? It couldn’t happen to a didgier bunch of giures. That’s lovely work there, and a testament to the loopery of GW’s rather unashamed steals from pop culture that they’d be corralled into some return play. I particularly like the Chaos Nights as the ‘Nii!’ knights.

    Finally for now: Women of the Future – Retronaut delivers once more. I love how retro the future Steampunk coquettes look. And Virgina Woolf as the politician? Of course it is!

  2. jet: you wait ages for a comment from a rocket ape and then three come along at once… In any case, high five on all points.

    Gator: you made me laugh so hard Willa looked at me funny.

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