The Rugby World Cup final on Sunday. If NZ loses, then the world may explode. THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! IT IS A HAKA-ING MATTER!

More links re: The Thing – a comic story that appears to be Vikings vs. The Thing, characters from The Thing (1982) watching The Thing (2011).

How to tell if you’re reading pseudo-history (via Ivan)

Timeline of Food (via making light) – man some stuff is way older than I thought it was

Psychology finds a long-lost shipwreck

100 years of East London style…

From D3vo – futuristic megastructures. Amazing visuals, radical ideas. I’ve seen less than a quarter of these before.

Steranko concept art for Indiana Jones before Harrison Ford was cast

Saying “um” is good

Oddities of Stop Motion – that creepy Mark Twain clip, Jan Svankmajer, many more…

Camera that takes photos where you can adjust the focus afterwards. Clever!

Via everyone, well worth a watch if you haven’t yet: Quantum Levitation

And finally… Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

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  1. Don’t mean to boast or anything, but I saw a demonstration of that levitation thing in person a couple of years ago where I work (we have a superconducting business unit on site). Okay maybe I am boasting a little bit. It is super cool in every sense of the word.

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