Lodge Linky

A bevy of Twin Peaks linky:
* a Twin Peaks computer game, in retro 8-bit style, for free download
* the Dale Cooper tapes – digital version of the cassette tape of all Cooper’s reports to the mysterious Diane, including all the TV show reports plus a bunch more made specifically for this release
* amazing photos from the making of the final episode of the series, taken by actor Richard Beymer

Scientific American’s archive to 1845 is free to access until the end of November.

The Kerning game! I got 100% on half of these, which made me far happier than typography has ever made me before. (Hmm, except maybe baiting people with messages in comic sans.)

Craig Ferguson has Amanda Palmer, moby, Stephen Merritt & Neil Gaiman performing “Science Fiction Double Feature” from Rocky Horror…

The Awl has this lovely article about Sherlockians, their most exclusive society, and their “Great Game”

Free online service to manage all the admin that goes along with flatting with people: Flatmin.

There was gonna be more but all today has been spent with poor feverish babby. So just have time to add this:

And finally… Dangerous Minds found this, unsurprisingly. It is… just set aside 1 minute 23 seconds and watch it.

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  1. 84/100 for the kerning game!

    That sword dance is something else… The juxtaposition of casual domesticity and AWESOME!

    <3 Amanda Palmer!

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