Grow and Grow Linky

So I have a Linky file where I bookmark all the odds and ends I come across while browsing the internets. It is a big file. But this week I don’t even need to dig into it because so much stuff has turned up this afternoon or in my email. So it will grow and grow and grow…

Geological Society of America finds the lair of the Kraken. (At least, an expert explains an ambiguous fossil site by speculating there was a real big scary octopus that ate plesiosaurs and then arranged their bones in pleasing patterns. Eek.)

Aaron put this in comments last Friday: cheese or font?

George Monbiot exposes the self-mythologising BS indulged in by the ultra-rich. Ahhhh.

Baltimore youth develop a slang term to fill in a gap in English grammar (via Michael Upton)

Helpful Tumblr tells you if something is racist. (Via the Knifeman, who can’t figure out why the Star Wars prequels get a pass)

Via lots of people: a baby re-enacts scenes from classic movies.

10% of UK population have a parasite messing with the dopamine levels in their brains. Unnerving.

Big collages of movie posters show the patterns in their designs. Some of these are more convincing than others. Definitely worth a look.

Ancient Iran had a drive-thru weapons shop. Um.

Think of a person. Now this genie will ask you either/or questions until he guesses who it is. Surprisingly good. (via… someone)

When Return of the Jedi was being filmed, some fans crept up to the location and took a bunch of spy photos. These are great.

Two interesting items from d3vo:
Sly Stallone designs a pen. This is everything you hope it will be.

And The Stonehenge Song!

And finally, I don’t know what this is

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  1. Ask a youth from *Boston* about using “yo” instead of “he”/”she” and yo won’t know what you’re talking about. But ask a kid in *Baltimore*, yo might get you.

  2. Corrected! I choose to blame the error on the Boston accent, not because it is at fault, but because it is charming.

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