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Following on from the loss of MCA, there came the sad death of Maurice Sendak. May the wild rumpus continue on forever. Andrew Leonard at Salon wrote this great piece about reading the Wild Things to his the kids. The Comics Journal had a great piece on the man. (Tequila!) And check out these radio interviews with the man via Fresh Air.

Dot thing. (via FogOnWater)

Wolfenstein 3D, the forerunner for pretty much every big computer game today, turned 20 today. The game is now free to play in your browser (and, if you’re quick, on your iDevice). And there’s a director’s commentary! (via d3vo)

The New Yorker got brilliant film reviewer Film Crit Hulk to review the Hulk’s part in this Avengers film.

Speaking of which. Avengers: the actual origin story. No this is really it.

Via JetSimian, a writer reminisces beautifully about being a 12-year-old LARPer in some caves in Thatcher’s Britain. Vaguely related: how to ask on Craiglist for a D&D group.

Have you seen the oatmeal’s Tesla comic yet? You must. Tesla = amazing.

Context-free patent art

The angry underground world of failed pickup artists. (via MrsMeows)

Flowchart: What kind of female character is she?

The Descriptive Camera. Delightful.

And finally: (via theremina) dogs dressed as crustaceans.

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  1. have I put the dog crabs in before? entirely possible. I love me some dog crabs.

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