Dragon: 02 to 06

I’ll embed #2 just because:

The rest are all available over on flickr. I don’t think anyone wants me to put these all on the blog – do you?

In these episodes you meet Zappy the Trigger-Happy and Gizzard the Naughty Wizard, which google assures me remain unused character names to this day. PWNAGE!

You also gain a clear appreciation for how I was getting bored with the actual drawing bits, so lots of heads floating in blank space and big lettering and that sort of thing.

And the jokes get stupider.

Nevertheless, this continues to make me smile, so i inflict it upon the world 🙂

Read the whole series here!

3 thoughts on “Dragon: 02 to 06”

  1. 2 things: “Taskmaster Inc?” What had your mother just done to you?

    And, it kinda is like Dino-Cop. But less perfect fireman’s axes.

  2. “Taskmaster Inc” – I have no idea. I guess it sounded a bit cool to me at the time?

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