SGA 6: Give It A Try

I started off by recommending that everyone out there go and see An Inconvenient Truth. I know I emerged from that film filled with concern and feeling the importance of action, of actually doing something instead of just thinking about it. I’ll wager a good portion of you reading this had exactly the same experience.
Have you actually done anything yet? No. I haven’t either.
So, it’s time to change that. Give my Small Group Action idea a try. It’s easy.
Just pop over to your email right now, think of one other person who might be interested, and send them an invitation. Maybe something like: “I’ve been thinking about An Inconvenient Truth. Interested in doing something achievable in response?”
It is just that easy.
What next? Still easy. Just grab the very handy SGA guide for a one-page step-by-step. (Also includes all the potential actions from the previous post in this series!)
SGA Guide, .pdf, 92K
I know people are interested in these posts – I’ve had more verbal feedback on this series than on anything else I’ve ever put online. So I hope this has been interesting for you, and most of all I hope it sparks you to try out the SGA idea. It’d be great if a few more groups got underway to go with the ones already happening!
Right, enough from me on this, for now at least. If you have any questions, just drop me an email or leave a comment here. I’d love to help. Or just ramble at you, whichever. 🙂
Now go send that email!