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Rik Mayall, eh? Bugger. This is the clip to watch – my first thought was to seek it out but then lots of other people had the same thought before me (including you Jet). The Bottom stage show, when Mayall and Edmondson go a bit off-script. (Some of this out-of-character banter was apparently scripted, but they both corpse out completely about halfway through.) It’s marvellous stuff. NSFW of course.

VERY well done – Aliens in Lego

Marvellous – Bill Watterson, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, emerged from retirement to secretly be a guest artist on another comic strip. (WaPo coverage)

Mark Hamill does the Joker meets Luke Skywalker

Many, many recreations of classic photos and paintings using Star Wars figures

19yo blogs watching Star Wars for the first time

Game of Thrones characters as 80s yoofs… some of these seem to absolutely nail the characters, and some seem really really wrong to me.

The shocking moment from the most recent Game of Thrones ep (s04e09), with appropriate musical sting (via Paul Wilson)

The More Things Change Dept: when playing Chess was going to make kids more violent (via Craig Oxbrow)

Amazingly this week a 13-year-old boy convinced some adults he was a human being.

Britney as feminist icon? Lengthy article about her Vegas residency musters part of an argument in this direction. I skimmed it, and mean to come back to it – the phenomenon of Britney is fascinating.

Also Vegas: man stuck at Vegas airport overnight makes a music video (via Nick Tipping)

Newspaper ad for an 1890s detective agency, the only one with “lady detectives”.

Can you identify the book from its map? (Guardian quiz, via Elizabeth Knox)

Shakesville: we need to talk about the abuse women receive when they are visible online. (That’s a conversation that’s been slowly starting to gain momentum in the last year or so, and I’d expect this post will be a significant moment when we look back say a year from now.)

Why the Dog Whisperer should not be your idol. (Includes: the surprising connection between Nazi science and dog whisperering!)

Chimps regularly beat humans in strategy games.

Disney Doctor Who (scroll down for the slightly adjusted version he made in response to feedback)

Western Art History: women ignoring men

And finally… The ultimate Nicolas Cage prank

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