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It was Bloomsday! Here’s Jung writing to Joyce about Ulysses.

Aucklanders – The Black Hoof, restaurant/tapas bar/gastropub/place – opens in August. These are my friends, so maybe think about checking it out sometime? (Facebook page)

As a child I thought I knew what the coolest thing in all the universe was: Boba Fett. But, this photo.

58 cognitive biases that screw up everything you do. I quibble over some of the specifics, but the length of this list should give you pause. We are no so smart. (via Stephen Fox)

FBI lexicon of twitter slang. The existence of this document is delightful. In my mind’s eye, Albert Rosenfeld is trying to describe it to Gordon Cole.

I dip into Rookie Mag from time to time because, although I am not the audience (teenage girls) I appreciate the fact that Rookie is pretty much perfect. Here’s another example of why: they reposted for father’s day “Ask A Grown Man” featuring special guest advice guru Steve Gevinson aka the father of Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson. It’s kind of perfect. Hits a peak about 3 minutes in, if you just want the quick version.

Amazing graduation photos mocking movie posters. The Captain America one is gorgeous.

Rap Battle from History – featuring Weird Al as Isaac Newton. The man is a legend.

Where to get coffee in Edinburgh? A blog. For y’all in Edinburgh. (via Erik)

Grab your next desktop background from here – cells from Miyazaki movies (via Mundens!)

Well-researched essay on how “mana”, a Polynesian word and concept, ended up used in loads of video games to mean “magic points”.

The Ruminator reviews a sausage

Key & Peele’s Mexican Standoff is amazing.

The internet means long literary novels will die out, says grumpy old white man. Sharing this one for the lulz.

Ah, Tony Blair, you do make it easy to keep my rage white-hot. The money quote: “We have to liberate ourselves from the notion that ‘we’ have caused this.” This is completely wrong, and staggeringly poorly-phrased. Yet there is some sense to the claim – the invasion of Iraq was not the sole cause of the troubles of an entire region. Witness how self-serving Blair is, however, in drawing his big picture: “Poor governance, weak institutions, oppressive rule and a failure within parts of Islam to work out a sensible relationship between religion and Government have combined to create countries which are simply unprepared for the modern world.” And yet no mention of Western exploitation and interference in the region, from the celebrated (e.g. the Balfour Declaration) to the criminally ignored (e.g. the British and American overthrow of Mossadegh in ’53). I do not know what punishment could possibly fit Blair’s crimes, but I am confident he will be forever incapable of comprehending his own wilful blindness.
(see also Giovanni Tiso‘s acidic rewriting)

Sad footballers (via Bruce, who says “you just don’t get to see things like this in rugby”)

Why didn’t Harry use Avada Kevadra vs Voldemort? Answered on stackexchange’s new SF/F platform (via d3vo!)

Insane record collections & their people

And finally…

even more finally, via Jenni Talula:

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