3 thoughts on “Reading comics with my grandfather”

  1. Wholly Cow, Morgue – Our Childhoods!!!

    That’s so awesome. And I totally remember the hydrofoil. And Sgt Streetwise (he was okay, he was no Joe Soap, though)

    And the Suchard teacher crush thing – so never going to happen in this day and age!

    The Dare strip still gets a bit of love from not just Pat Mills fans, happily, and artist Ian Kennedy still does the odd full-colour cover for 2000AD. I think there might be a fan-made collection of it? There should be. I know the Frank Hampton estate tends to be a bit down on (i.e. not down with) this sort of thing. But hey – 2000AD’s Dare strips have just been collected. So anything could happen!

    BTW Morgue – have you seen this? http://shop.2000adonline.com/products/monster

  2. Oh, and on the dissonance thing? Totally a thing. I learbed a lot abou UK culture from those comics, and totally knew it wasn’t the same as what a lot of my friends were settling their pre-adolescents selves into here. Not that the self-assured UK-savviness helped. I remember enduring an ex-pat workmate doubled over in disbelieving laughter a couple of years ago at my rather gauche response to her mentioning Manchester United. “Oh yes – the Red Devils…”

  3. I can’t get over the glamorous teacher! “Have you got a dishy miss?” Amazing.

    The Monster reprint is absolutely on my radar. Underappreciated classic – the first issue of Scream was where I started getting a comic regularly, and when it folded into Eagle I followed, so I read every part as it came out and it had a big impact on me. The final panels made me quite emotional!

    I remember when I went to the UK I had this weird sense of “OH!” as all the cultural background I’d learned about from Eagle & similar media suddenly locked into place around me. Heh!

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