Thinkin’ about Friday Linkyin’

Have you seen the new Star Wars movie trailer? It is uninspiring! My childhood has been sacrileged and that! By George Lucas! So put him in the carbonite! Yes, freeze him! And his little dog too!
Over the last five years I have become increasingly conscious of the food I’m eating, and the role food plays in life. (Watching Jamie’s School Dinners gave me a lot of perspective, and it is a significant element of the work I’m doing both teaching and as a student.) I’ve been thinking a lot about the fairly complicated issues around food, without really having the head to put it together into something sound. That’s another of the reasons why I’ve been digging on the rise of foodblogging in my blog crew of late. Dan’s cooking blog, Freshly Ground, never fails to make me hungry with his excellent simple recipes, but posts like this one are the treasures I value most. Dan starts off riffing on Jamie and Gordon and Nigella, then drags it all into context and left me genuinely stunned and energised at the importance of caring about what we put on our plates. A great read.
The big geek dance hit this weekend past in San Diego, and it featured the first ever live appearance of a Fraggle. Fraggle Rock, it seems, was Jim Henson’s attempt to prevent war. Thinking back to watching that show as a kid, that seems right. (Also on the Henson tip: Sesame Street season 39 preview!)
Have you ever seen Winsor McCay’s 1914 animation, Gertie the Dinosaur? Take a few minutes to watch. It is, quite simply, wonderful.

And finally… Rest In Peace, Charlie Brown.

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  1. I’m going to point you at Kamikaze Cookery (, which is cookery show written and presented by a few of my mates. It’s not launched yet, but it’s coming soon, and having seen a few of the preview tapes I reckon it’s something you’ll get a kick out of.

  2. When I’m there, you will be done with the masters, and we will play.
    I shall call for the king of the barbarians of the North on my Fender!
    Oh snap, in 4th ed there’s no barbarians……crap!
    Lynard, never mind that “freebird” solo!

  3. Thanks for the “Sesame Street” link – I miss seeing it on NZ TV (do we actually still get it?) and love the fact it is still as star laden as ever. With Neil Patrick Harris singing. Possibly not as a super villain…

  4. I loved that post by Dan too. Having people over and sharing meals has been a big part of Erik and I joining and having a group of friends here. I watched some of that Jamie Oliver series and it helped to make me determined to have a garden one day, if only so that my children know that peas come in pods, not packets.

  5. Damn, that’s the third “end of Peanuts” strip I’ve read. The funniest (and shortest) was in Achewood, the worst (and most extreme) was by Rick Veitch.

  6. I may be missing something, but I don’t get the peanuts wrap up. Is it supposed to be funny, tragic or what?

  7. samm: Its… just its own thing, really. I was in two minds about whether it was any good at all until I hit the ending – the riff on the old “pull the ball away” gag onwards is golden.

  8. I too have been very concious about food as of late, mainly with the feeding of Ayla. I never was one to worry about too much what went into my body and generally balanced out the crap with the good, but for the last few months have been cooking less with packets and more with fresh ingredients and boy does it taste so much better.
    Also I have a friend who is a chiropractor and learning heaps from her, for example, I never knew that sugar lowers your immunity to bugs and the like.
    It would be cool to talk about this when we next catch up.

  9. Sam W – yes! So sorry we missed Ayla’s celebration the other week, too. Cal has been unwell and it just wasn’t possible.
    It is amazing to me as well, just how much better good fresh ingredients taste – its obvious even to a food dunce like me.

  10. Yeah, the new SW animated movie just doesn’t do it for me. Please, someone really freeze George in carbonite. Can he not come up with a non-Star Wars idea and work on that instead? Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have any original thoughts anymore…

  11. No probs. I hope Cal is feeling better. There seems to be something nasty going round at the moment.

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