Did Lucas ever invent a word with a more pleasing sound than “Wampa”?

For a competition now in progress, my buddies Jon and Jarratt chose to recreate the Wampa cave sequence from Empire Strikes Back. It is grooovy! Check it:

Give them some likes and stuff over at the YouTube page.

EDIT EDIT: here’s the right way to vote for them:
“I posted on Facebook, I got the process for voting for the people’s choice award wrong. You need to:
1) Go to the Facebook V Energy NZ site,
2) Click on the 48 Second link/application from the menu on the left hand side
3) Find our video
4) Click on the “thumbs up” icon. “

SockBunny vs Cthulhu

One of the amazing things about having a baby on the way is that people get excited and give you stuff. We have received lots of wonderful gifts from very generous people. Its pretty special, actually.

I want to draw attention to two recent gifts, simply because Jenni made big posts about them! Crafty types out there might find this inspirational!

Baby Quilt & Sock Bunny

(We have also appreciated all gifts that did not come with blog posts attached.)

Thanks so much Jenni!