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Per Capita

In New Zealand classrooms, every morning we stand up, face the flag, put our hands on our hearts and say together: “New Zealand is the best country in the world, per capita.” Those two little words, per capita, are a crucial part of our national self-esteem and self-image, and saying “per capita” is as true-blue […]

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I like to be / Under the sea

Paul the Octopus has a perfect prediction record in the World Cup. We all live in the octopus’ garden now. [Octopi are very smart creatures. You present it with two boxes labelled A and B, and it goes to A and finds food. Then you present it with A and C, then A and D, […]

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Oceania beats Eurasia 1-1

Oceania loves roundball. Oceania has always loved roundball. Lovers of ovalball are to report immediately to re-education centres.

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