9 thoughts on “Oceania beats Eurasia 1-1”

  1. All of you are going to room 101.

    Except you, “Gator”. You will be permitted to thrive in our perfect society.

  2. This post is a very succinct confirmation of what I suspected would happen.

    I watched the ovalball from allied territory and thought “Double-plus-good! Roundball has ALWAYS been the national sport.”

    This was demonstrably the case when the Phoenix merchandise store opened on Dixon Street & proles were buying the stuff and wearing it BEFORE THEY HAD EVER PLAYED A GAME.
    Because we have ALWAYS played roundball.

  3. Some are quitely enjoying, nay relishing the fact that for once something other than ovalball is being talked about by the electronic oracles of truth and wisdom.

  4. I played roundball as a child. I never played ovalball.

    But if I am honest, I preferred to play smallroundball + stick.

  5. Polyhedrals that resemble roundballs are plusgood. Polyhedrals resembling ovalballs are ungood. D8 = ungood. D20 = plusgood.

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