I like to be / Under the sea

Paul the Octopus has a perfect prediction record in the World Cup.

We all live in the octopus’ garden now.

[Octopi are very smart creatures. You present it with two boxes labelled A and B, and it goes to A and finds food. Then you present it with A and C, then A and D, then A and E… mostly it’ll go to A because it has learned that A holds tasty food, and it isn’t sure about the other option. Germany’s winning record meant Paul’s tendency to go for the familiar option was a sound strategy.]

[Of course, Paul is still psychic because he knew to go to the other option in the Serbia game.]

Things only NZL cares about dept.: the only undefeated team in the World Cup = NZL.

5 thoughts on “I like to be / Under the sea”

  1. But of course he does! Paul’s ancestral home of R’lyeh is just off the coast of Australasia, isn’t it?

    BTW after Saturday night’s great performance can Paul tell me whether I love roundball still or ovalball again?

  2. Octopi? OCTOPUSES!

    It’s an English word, despite any Greek origins, so it should be pluralised accordingly! And don’t give me any of this ‘octopodae’ rubbish either!

    (As you can imagine, this has been irritating me greatly since Paul hit the headlines).

  3. Scott, I’m not gonna believe you really care until I see an octopi-focused Letter to the Editor with your name on it.

    Eventually everyone’s gonna just shrug and say Octopi is in common usage. You know it’s gonna happen.

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