Gave In

Dammit, I’m home from work today with a steadily-building pile of used tissues. Hate being off sick.
Last night Cal and I ate curry and watched new BBC comedy ‘The Smoking Room’. Not bad at all. The same deadpan observational grotesquerie as ‘The Office’, ‘Nighty Night’ and the genius ‘Peep Show’ – there’s something of a renaissance for Brit comedy going on at the moment.
Then we sat in bed, me feeling sorry for myself, and watched the Director’s Commentary for the opening episode of ‘Firefly’. Most satisfying.
On the other hand, going to Paris! And later, going to Ireland! We’ll be tracking down family-type folk while there. At least, that’s the plan. I have a list of things to do while overseas, as laid down by my family and friends before departing, and one of them I hope to cross off the list at the other end of this coming trip.

2 thoughts on “Gave In”

  1. Hi Morgue hope that you are feeling better.
    Where in Ireland are you going? I have a huge family over there also. If you can head north to Gaints Causeway – It is well worth trip, just watch out for slippery rocks, they are a killer as Luke found out 🙂

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