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As part of some other work I’ve needed to finally look for a new profile image. The ones I use currently are a photo from 2006 and a cartoon image that’s even older than that.

Here are three more recent profile pic options. Which should be my go-to option when I need to present a face to the world?

I’ll close voting Friday midnight, NZ time. Winning choice becomes my Twitter pic.

(I’ll make no comment until voting is closed.)

35 thoughts on “Profile Pic”

  1. Number 1, though you are really starting to look like your dad in that one. I’m sure I’ve seen him in a photo looking almost exactly the same.

  2. NUMBER TWO! Superman is cool. And seductive with his bedroom eyes and half-off moustache.

    I might get 4chan behind me so that you HAVE to use this! RIG THE VOTE! Say no to #3 the safe quirky choice.

  3. Depends on what your aim is… Number 2 rocks, but number 1 is the prettiest and looks most “normal”… are you trying to scare off or attract strangers?

  4. I’m sorry, but I’d go for more photos. Or number 3, if you don’t feel like taking more.

  5. The one I would choose isn’t on the options….:) 1 is safest, 2 is most interesting, 3 could be positively hazardous.

  6. I take it you’re not allowed to have an animated gif cycling between all three?

    I’m kind of fond of your cartoon head. You sure you don’t want to use the Scott Pilgrim character generator, or maybe HeroMaker? 😉

  7. karen: I have no idea what I’m trying to do.
    Maire/samm: I found these pics on facebook and elsewhere… if anyone suggests another pic it will also be considered. But not for Twitter, that will be determined by this vote-off.
    svend: animated gifs are for the kids on /b/. Grownups don’t animate their profile pics. [not really. I just don’t personally want an animated profile pic.]

  8. I think that number two would be fab, it would make me laugh out loud every time I saw it!

  9. Don’t try and lie to us, Morgue, number 2 is clearly Superman, not you.

    I vote number 2. You need number 2.

  10. Go #2!

    As the owner of the original copy, I get some kind of royalty fee every time you use it eh? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

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