Keeling Linky

Keeling over, that is. Still busy. BUT NOT TOO BUSY FOR LINKY

Video about goin’ climbing in Wgtn. Haven’t watched it, too busy, but its W-town so if you’re local you probably know some of the people in it. Maybe even the guy in the screencap right here.

Tough Love from Chunky Farmer on Vimeo.

Fun with Google 1: Google Scribe completes famous quotes

Fun with Google 2: Google Patent reveals patents by famous people. Check out Eddie Van Halen’s rocking self-portrait.

Classically-trained voice teacher evaluates the style and technique of five heavy metal vocalists. (This is an example of that rare subspecies of linky that will be catnip to both Sokky and Jet Simian.)

Via the Knifeman, Joyce Carol Oates short story right there for the reading (I haven’t yet but Joyce Carol Oates that’s why)

Have I ever linked to You Are Not So Smart before? Great blog that points out all the ways we get stuff wrong. Fun, insightful, and important, because man, so many problems caused by not realizing you might be wrong about something.

From Jack, more Star Wars culture – Darth Vader the cathedral gargoyle

The New York magazine article that was the basis for Saturday Night Fever: Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night. Written in the new journalism style, this appears impossibly mannered now, and I doubt you’ll be surprised to hear the writer made it all up.

And finally… this totally made my working day yesterday. A relaxation-tape version of Snoop’s (decidedly not safe for work) Gin & Juice. Love it.

4 thoughts on “Keeling Linky”

  1. Thanks for that awesome singing linky!! Fascinating to read what she thinks of their voices. I especially liked the idea of being able to tell what someone is doing with their voice because of the way your own larynx and vocal folds respond sympathetically. Something I’ve been aware of doing, but not had explicitly explained.

    And now I have a new singing blog to follow hoorah 🙂

  2. Nice! And thanks for the shout-out 🙂

    Mr Dickinson is apparently, like Mr Halford, untrained. He’s definitely hit the stage in his life where some training might help (I read a review recently which described hmi ‘throwing’ his higher notes in their new album), but it’s still an impressive range. Amd he was never better than on ‘Beast’.

    The Ozzy comments didn’t suprise me at all though!

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