Getting Ready: Checking

But human nature being what it is, as the earthquake recedes from memory, our impetus to add those things will fade away. I’m going to use this blog and its small but attentive readership as a motivation tool, by declaring: in three weeks, our disaster survival kit will be fully stocked up. (6 Sept)

A bunch of people put their names down, and no doubt others thought “yeah, I’ll do that”.
Now, two weeks have gone by, and in NZ the earthquake remains on the front page. Have you done what you intended to do? One week to go in that original plan…

(Encouragement by example: lostperdita has)

As before, comments are encouraged – tell everyone how you’re going. Collective action beats solo action. All the info you need is here: NZ getting ready website

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready: Checking”

  1. Yes we have a cupboard stocked with water and tins! Also a torch and radio. Now to get batteries enough for them both 🙂

  2. I’ve started! I’ve got a backpack, (easy to grab and run if need be) in the bedroom (cos if I’m not in bed I could be anywhere in the country! well….) and in it so far I have:
    – a pen
    – a pad of paper (sorry but these are essentials. I could go mad quickly without them)
    – a working headlight
    – a bottle with about 200ml Janola (for decontaminating water)
    – couple of large hankies which could serve as bandages
    – lip balm
    – 6 x ring-pull opening cans of sardines
    – lg mohair scarf (that folds down very smallish) that was my grandmother’s and could be used in all manner of ways to keep me warm and anyway I want to take it
    – list of things to grab if I have to leave quickly (wallet, keys, pills, cell) that I can’t leave in the bag because I need them now

    I have plenty of bottles of water, but they aren’t in the backpack. By the same token I have a pantry of food. But I do think the emergency bag needs to be ready to be grabbed and run and one may not have time or presence of mind to go through the cupboards. And if my ceiling window falls in, I may not be able to!
    Okay, no water and not a lot of food, in the grab bag, but it’s a start. Yes?

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