Dragon: The Conclusion!

Parts 07 to 12 of the Dragon comic I created when I was wee are now up on Flickr.

I embed part 08 here, because it is an episode of which I am fond. In order to get the most comic with the very least drawing required, I introduce a character who is invisible. PERFECT.


(Reminds me of a photo-strip in the early 80s Eagle, The Invisible Boy. Typical panel: a photo of a hedge, with a thought balloon: “I wonder what’s happening on the other side of this hedge!” Genius stuff.)

Read the entire 12-part epic here. And thank you for your indulgence.

2 thoughts on “Dragon: The Conclusion!”

  1. Nah, was never into the Brit humour comics, Oink excepted. The others seemed way too safe and fairly uninteresting. Oink was like falling down a plughole.

    I have respect for their contributions to culture & the artistry inherent in ’em, though 🙂

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