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Brian Drain

John Key was on the telly defending his tax cuts etc and I perked up when John Campbell cited back Key’s argument that we have to sort out our economy or more bright young Kiwis will go overseas. This is the fabled Brain Drain that has been bubbling along in NZ political discourse for, I […]


Dangerous Man addendum

Coincidence: today being the day of a massive leak of papers about the Afghanistan war. Glenn Greenwald discusses how today’s leak compares to the Ellsberg leak. Note also Wikileaks as the medium. I’ve written about them before, in the post that was read by 10,000x more people than any other post I’ve made.

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Mining Backdown

To the tune of “The Final Countdown”: it’s a mi-ning back-down… dada daa daa… dada da da da… The government has abandoned plans to mine in highest-value conservation areas. Needless to say, this is a good thing, and stems directly from the massive public outcry. As far as handling the backdown goes, the Nats are […]

Move along

Nothing to see here, just trying some stuff out. This is the Asian Association of Social Psychologists. The url is Some of these people are my friends, but that’s not important right now. What matters is, I need to try some stuff in relation to their site, and I need an external link to […]

Sing This Song Linky

Comic Sans defends itself. Ten minutes of Arnie quips: Smarthistory, a very neat interactive textbook thingamy on the subject of art history. Inspirational. Via the Grauniad, a handy Kiwi-friendly world cup wallchart, explaining what this game that doesn’t involve an oval ball is all about. Amusingly out of date – the NZ score for each […]


Paula Bennett raaagh

Watched some of the “hard-hitting” “political news” show Q+A yesterday morning, in which Minister Paula Bennett defended the changes to the welfare system that were announced out of Cabinet last week. (Full transcription of interview on Scoop.) Part of these changes were introducing work tests to those on a sickness benefit to get them into […]

Hoose Moose

I may be about to become a proper Hoose Moose. Our offer was accepted, conditional on [boring stuff]. Now to do [boring stuff]! This has all happened very quickly. (Aside: If moose is the Scots for mouse, what, I wonder, is the Scots for moose?)

Key might go

The poll I linkied yesterday is gone to wherever those polls go (I guess they just get deleted, nice on but TV3 at least is reporting that Key might go after all: “There’s a case that might be able to be put up that is if it looks like a deal is going to […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

One Day We’ll Find Linky

One literary passage, translated by two different people. Interesting if you read translated lit and wonder about how well the sense of the work survives. Awful Library Books – librarian snark at books being stripped from the collection. This one is not safe for work, not because of violence or nudity but because of a […]