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BAT: Why they do it

I think I’ve cracked it. A few days ago I made a lengthy post about how the British American Tobacco “agree disagree” marketing campaign made no sense to me at all, at all, at all. Since then BAT has launched a third phase of the campaign, which is even weirder and less likely to be […]

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Stuff’s “Ice Age” story has changed

Following up on this post: In response to a complaint from me (and presumably communications from others as well), Stuff has stripped the inaccurate material out of their “Ice Age” story and added an apologetic note at the bottom. It can’t take away the effects of the earlier version, but it at least ensures that […]

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Main story at for the last hour or two: “Solar Minimum could trigger ice age” Check the article’s opening paras: The world could be heading for a new ‘solar minimum’ period, possibly plummeting the planet into an Ice Age, scientists say. Researchers say the present increase in sun activity with solar flares and storms […]

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That’s Entertainment!

Well, I’m entertained.

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How Wrongness Happens

The BBC: Photos uncovered by the National Archives show how the police spied on the suffragettes. These covert images – perhaps the UK’s first spy pictures – have gone on display to mark the centenary of the votes-for-women movement. Ninety years ago, a Scotland Yard detective submitted an unusual equipment request. It was passed up […]

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Occupy Wall Street

(Sitting here in New Zealand, I am obviously well-placed to Give Advice to the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Here on my blog I address an audience of as many as TEN different people, and I’m sure the weight of these multitudes will carry this message to the people who need it most. You’re welcome, freedom.) […]

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What about Dads? Can we have it all too? Saturday’s newspaper had a magazine section with a big article heavily featuring our little fambly – Cal, Willa and myself. It’s up online here. It is actually quite a good piece, I reckon. One message in there is how much we are relying on family for […]

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Crime Deterrence

July 2008: sports broadcaster resigns after it emerges he violently and viciously assaulted his then-partner. April 2009: sports broadcaster pleads guilty to the charge Jan 2010: sports broadcaster back on the air! Jan 2011: sports broadcaster begins weekly on-air chats with the Prime Minister. So there’s the lesson, people. If you are guilty of brutally […]

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Bar graph fail

On Twitter, Jack said this: Good summary of o’seas film production funding. We aren’t giving them money, we’re giving some of their money back. The link goes to an article by Chaz Harris called Taxpayers don’t pay for movie grants! This piece insults the “journalism” behind articles like this one from the Sunday Star […]

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Letters to the Irresponsible

I know reading letters to the editor is not good for my health. I know that letter-writers are not representative of the population at large. I know that letters are included because they are likely to be controversial and dramatic. But still, I can’t stop. It’s because I think letters to the editor are *important*. […]

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