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Crime Deterrence

July 2008: sports broadcaster resigns after it emerges he violently and viciously assaulted his then-partner. April 2009: sports broadcaster pleads guilty to the charge Jan 2010: sports broadcaster back on the air! Jan 2011: sports broadcaster begins weekly on-air chats with the Prime Minister. So there’s the lesson, people. If you are guilty of brutally […]

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The Examiner

W-town’s got some new independent media: The Examiner launched yesterday. The mission is to “look deeper and think harder” which, in an era of frankly embarrassing daily newspapers, sounds worthwhile to me. It’s “peer-edited” and they’re encouraging participation from anyone nearby. Sounds like a great Wgtn-focused companion to Scoop’s lively Werewolf monthly. Also, another good […]

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Bar graph fail

On Twitter, Jack said this: Good summary of o’seas film production funding. We aren’t giving them money, we’re giving some of their money back. The link goes to an article by Chaz Harris called Taxpayers don’t pay for movie grants! This piece insults the “journalism” behind articles like this one from the Sunday Star […]

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Letters to the Irresponsible

I know reading letters to the editor is not good for my health. I know that letter-writers are not representative of the population at large. I know that letters are included because they are likely to be controversial and dramatic. But still, I can’t stop. It’s because I think letters to the editor are *important*. […]

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Transmissions from a broken system

The DomPost yesterday: Front page, the entirety of the above-the-fold: Serepisos sells spare Ferrari. Guy owes the council money while on telly as the Donald on The Apprentice NZ. Is he selling the Ferrari for money to pay the council? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! Bottom of page 2, entire story smaller than the photo of […]

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Wikileaks: Something is up

Sounds like the people behind Wikileaks are under some pressure. Since this is unlikely to turn up in your newspapers, I post it here to spread awareness. Wikileaks has a mission of bringing hidden information to light, when it’s in the public interest. Wikipedia outlines their greatest hits, including Gauntanamo Bay procedure documents, scientology secrets, […]


Nicky Hager and the Emails of Doom

Speaking of the political rhetoric and its disconnect from understanding… Author Nicky Hager accuses the prime minister of being “cranky” and of coming up with “wacky” conspiracy theories. Hmm. – Liam Hehir, Palmerston North Backstory: investigating journo Nicky Hager came into possession of a lot of internal emails from the National Party, and used them […]

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Hands off our dial!

Just back from a protest outside Parliament to protect Radio NZ, our public broadcaster. I figure about 150-200 people there, which isn’t bad for a protest pulled out of nothing on Facebook by a guy in Hamilton. Here’s the Facebook group, with nearly 15K members as I type. Here’s the campaign page, Hands off our […]

Helping Haiti For Nothing

Here’s something that amazed me recently. Customers at OneBookShelf donated over $175,000 (U.S.) to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti. Who are these customers? People who enjoy role-playing games, not the biggest demographic. In fact, it’s a smaller slice than that – these are the people so enthusiastic they actually spend money on RPGs. And a […]

Changing systems

Those systems that don’t produce the outcomes we desire? We can change them, right? The theory is easy. There’re inputs and outputs. We say we want more of this than that, and we set it to accept certain types of inputs, and tweak the desired output level, and voila. The reality is complicated. Systems are […]