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What about Dads? Can we have it all too? Saturday’s newspaper had a magazine section with a big article heavily featuring our little fambly – Cal, Willa and myself. It’s up online here. It is actually quite a good piece, I reckon. One message in there is how much we are relying on family for […]

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Bigfoot Sighting

The Alligator has posted a few photos from one of our expeditions, as part of my birthday celebrations. They include photographic proof of the existence of the rare NZ sasquatch: This photograph was fulfilment of a long quest; we had earlier been sasquatch hunting in the Catlins, without any success. (We’ve shown this photograph to […]

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ICONS: The Mastermind Affair

Warning: this post is about tabletop roleplaying games. Sorry if it makes no sense to you. Just released: The Mastermind Affair, PDF-format adventure for the ICONS RPG. (Written by me.) It’s a hefty 45-page adventure suitable for most traditional-type Supers RPG settings – I guess it’s a bit more DC than Marvel in its shadings. […]

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Xmas Gift Idea: JAAM 28

The latest issue of JAAM has been out for a few weeks. JAAM is a literary journal containing poetry and prose and varying amounts of non-fiction essays, photos, illustration, interviews… This time it also contains something by me. So naturally, a blog post telling you to buy it. That’s how these things work. JAAM has […]

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ICONS for $1

(US, that is) ICONS, that RPG with some bits by me and far far more bits by the awesome designer Steve Kenson, is on sale for a buck, down from 30. Publisher’s having an anniversary-cum-thanksgiving sale. If you’re a gamer, trust me – this is worth a dollar. (Sale expires very soon.)

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Pakistan Relief RPG bundle

US$700+ worth of RPG stuff, for $25 In a successor to February’s bundle for Haiti, this is a fundraiser for Pakistan flood relief. Includes ICONS which has my name on it, friend-of-FTM Malc’s Hot War, and heaps of other goodies (Starblazer Adventures! Fear Itself! Wild Talents 2E! Contenders! Dragon Warriors! Exalted 2E! Covenant! Don’t Rest […]

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What I’m doing this week

Part of my life is being manager of the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research. Every week the researchers get together and there’s a presentation of some sort or another. This week, I’m doing one. I’m not a cross-cultural researcher, but I am a giant geek. So: Playing culture: Dungeons & Dragons, fantastic ethnicity, and the […]

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Fruits of Labours

Been working hard the last month or so, and in the last few days there’s some nice outcome of that. I’ve been working out and writing the launch exhibition for the new Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre. Really interesting building, really nice location. My role in that work is now done, and it goes on […]

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Online Stocktake

This weekend I got to turn a virtual acquaintance into a real-world one (heya Andrew) (also heya Phil) and it got me thinking about where I exist on the internet at the moment. Obviously: From The Morgue, formerly part of the additiverich collective and now a member of the isprettyawesome crew. Here is for thinking […]

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Profile Pic

As part of some other work I’ve needed to finally look for a new profile image. The ones I use currently are a photo from 2006 and a cartoon image that’s even older than that. Here are three more recent profile pic options. Which should be my go-to option when I need to present a […]

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