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Reading comics with my grandfather

[View the story “Reading a comic from my childhood” on Storify]

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Dragon: 02 to 06

I’ll embed #2 just because: The rest are all available over on flickr. I don’t think anyone wants me to put these all on the blog – do you? In these episodes you meet Zappy the Trigger-Happy and Gizzard the Naughty Wizard, which google assures me remain unused character names to this day. PWNAGE! You […]

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Dragon: 01

I am delighted to have finally scanned in a comic I made waaaay back when I was 10 years old. (If I remember right, I completed these early episodes at the start of the year, before my birthday.) Here begin the adventures of Nogard the Dragon! This was, I think, the first strip comic I […]

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Yknil Linky

The great shift of medium for the comic form, from paper to digital, passed its tipping point sometime in the last few years. Over the same period, the market for “literary” comics-as-books has grown enormously, the economics that supported the popular “pamphlet” comic book format have utterly collapsed, and (with ironic timing) the primary content […]

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White Man’s Akira

Don’t worry folks, even though lots of really big things in the world are going wrong, there’s still room for some very small things to go completely wrong too. The script for the Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures live action adaptation of anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s 6-volume graphic novel Akira has been sent to a short list […]

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Death of Comic Book Guy

From memory, this was the first issue I bought at the local comic shop, coverdated July 1987 A few weeks ago, my brother closed off our file at the local comic shop. This is a significant development. We’ve shared that file between us since 1987. I remember many happy train journeys in those early years, […]

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Harvey Pekar RIP

Another independent visionary, gone sooner than anyone would’ve liked. You’ll know him from this film if nowhere else: Check out these Pekar web comics for a taste of his distinctive, self-examining style.

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Frank Sidebottom RIP

I didn’t know what the hell to make of this when I was a kid reading Oink! comic. One of those inexplicable British things that, as a Kiwi kid, you encountered from time to time in the UK’s pop-culture output. Frank Sidebottom was the creation of Chris Sievey, and it was somewhere between comic genius […]

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What a weekend

Pic by Eric, from his blog post about Armageddon This weekend had so much packed into it, but it all came out pretty well. Went to Armageddon Pop Culture Expo with Eric. Every year I say I won’t go back next year, but they keep bringing over people who played the Doctor, and occasionally cool […]

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Experiment have seen linkys!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy April Fools Holy Thursday linky. I was all keen to do an April Fools Pantheon of Plastic entry, following DavidR’s suggestion, but after far too long clicking through action figure custom galleries and flipping the pages of Tomart’s Encyclopedia & Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles, I still hadn’t found any photos that felt […]

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